Religious views of the Japanese

Religious views of the Japanese

When viewed from the foreigners, the Japanese often seems no religion
And, many Japanese people also assume themselves as non religious.

Most Japanese cherish nature, or fear nature, thank you for nature

This idea comes from Shinto.

In Japan, religion from China, religion from India, Shinto peculiar to Japan etc mixedly existed.

These religions, religion as a part of Japanese life for a long time was a familiar presence.

Many Japanese holidays come from Shinto,
Summer takes a holiday to celebrate the ancestral spirit.

And there are various festivals that appreciate the blessings of nature every season.

Shinto is polytheism.
There is no concept that God must be alone, and there is no concept that God is omniscient.

For that reason it is possible to accept God from foreign countries.
Japan has been able to accept the gods of India and China relatively reliably on the history so far.

Emperor was also generous to the God of foreign countries.

Because that custom remains in modern Japanese,
I do not have a sense of resistance as to the fact that they festival foreign religious celebrations.

That’s why Japanese are enjoying Christmas and Halloween.

In addition, there is no concept of a missionary is to Shinto.
There is no unified doctrine by scriptures like foreign religions.

Japanese do not consciously believe in Shinto.
Shinto is fused in the life of the Japanese people.

For that reason the Japanese insist on non religion and celebrate religious festivals.

The Japanese believe in Shinto even if there is no consciousness.


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