Discrimination in Japan

Discrimination in Japan

※Before the Japanese rule
Koreans Women who gave birth to a man had a custom of issuing the chest.

In Japan there has been discrimination in occupation due to religious values since ancient times.
It was thought that death is dirty in Shintoism.
In Buddhism forbade the killing to any animal.

because of these reasons
It seems that occupations related to death, such as leather craftsmen, were thought of as a dirty occupation.

However, in modern times, there is almost no such discrimination.

International conference in Paris in 1919
Japan appealed to the international community for the first time in the world to abolish racial discrimination.

This proposal in Japan was interfered in America and Australia.

“YOU is the vassal of the same emperor with us Japanese.”

The Japanese did such a policy in the occupied area.

The Japanese have improved the infrastructure of the occupied areas.

And we built many schools.

Japan finest university was also construction.

Residents of occupied the region made it possible to study equivalent to the Japanese.

Korea’s Park Jung-hee gave better results than the Japanese.
He later became the president of South Korea.

Lee Teng-hui in Taiwan later became president.

They loved Japan both.

Lee Teng-hui

Park Jung-hee

The Netherlands ruled Indonesia.

The literacy rate of local residents was extremely low.

Because it was wary of the Indonesian independence crisis.

It took ten years in Taiwan to make Japan profit.
Korea is not put out the benefits, from the beginning to the end, Japan was a deficit.

Japan collected resources in occupied areas.
However, did not the unilateral exploitation, such as the colonial rule by Western.

There is no discrimination against foreign countries in modern Japan.

However, there is a tendency to dislike foreigners in anti-Japan.


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